Contradictions within User Opinions and Behaviors: Identifying Evidence-based Opportunities to minimize False Discovery

The Yellow Walkman

Sony Walkman WM-F35
Sony Walkman WM-F35 by Brian Procell on Wordpress

Do we ask the users or observe them?

Focus Groups
‘Focus Group’ by Markertoonist
First rule of Usability
‘First rule of Usability? Don’t Listen to the Users.’ by Jacob Nielson for the Nielsen Norman Group

Empathy Mapping

Empathy Map
The four quadrants of an Empathy Map by the Nielsen Norman Group
Updated version of the Empathy Map
Updated version of the Empathy Map by Dave Gray on Medium


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs by Andrew Chapman on Medium

A Hybrid Approach:
What if stakeholders could not only co-create but also co-inquire and co-evaluate?




Digital Product Designer

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Akshay Parakh

Akshay Parakh

Digital Product Designer

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